Tuesday, January 23, 2018 
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Welcome to DFHSoftWare

Proportional Viewing - The Future, Today!
Proportional Viewing - The Future, Today!

Welcome to the World's 1st Proportional Viewing Website, launched on September 29, 2007. The concept is to display a web page at different computer monitor resolutions while keeping all content of the web page the same proportional size. This innovative incorporation of technologies was developed and designed by DFHSoftWare.

Now, with the simple click of a button, a viewer can choose to view your website according to the size of their monitor without having to change their monitor display settings. Pages will automatically proportionally adjust text, pictures, graphics and layout so they display at full screen size while retaining the intended look of your site. Test our proportional viewing options at the top of the page to experience this for yourself.

It is no longer necessary to limit or compromise the design display settings of your website. It can now be displayed just the way you intended at any resolution, from a small monitor 800 pixel wide setting all the way up to a 1920 wide screen monitor. Say goodbye to stretched pages and empty spaces.

This is just one of the innovative concepts DFHSoftWare offers in Web Site Consulting, Design and Management. Contact us if you are looking for a website that can deliver your message with an impressive "Wow!" factor.